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We believe that the pages of a healthy life have special meaning and constitute an evolving life story with chapters containing the human precepts of integrity, compassion and wholeness.

We offer a safe refuge where individuals are encouraged to identify and connect with their inner self of themselves, those whom they care for, and their environment using the infallible Word of God, the Bible as our source of wisdom.



Elim Marriage Missions exists to inspire, encourage, and equip married and pre-married couples by providing practical, Biblical resources through teaching and one-on-one opportunities, that reveal the heart of Christ within marriage, so they are better able to be imitators of God. (Ephesians 5: 1-2)


Through God’s leading, Elim Marriage Mission will:

  • Communicate the Biblical world view that marriage is ordained by God and that when we marry, we enter into a binding covenant with each other-with God at the very center of that agreement.
  • Help couples to prepare for and live within their marriages, we will endeavor to:
  • Provide ever increasing  Biblically based resources through psychological counseling
  • Collaborate with other like-minded ministries, organizations, and individuals in order to broaden the scope and depth of ministry to those who are struggling in their marriages;
  • Present training opportunities  to couples who want to become leaders in re-igniting the passion in Christian marriages to be a “living picture” of God’s love to the world;
  • Inspire couples and individuals to strengthen their own marriages so they can then reach out to help other couples who need healthy role models;
  • Help those who are in full-time Christian service (pastors, missionaries and their spouses, etc.) deal with the issues and pressures of their profession that can tear their own marriages apart;
  • Guide individuals and couples who are questioning and struggling to always look first to God’s Word, the Bible, and then to other resources for the answers/solutions they are seeking.

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