26th March 2020

Why you need your spouse during tough times
Connecting, as a couple is especially important during this difficult time when the COVID-19 is causing so many of us to be at home. Most of us are isolating ourselves because of the threat of contracting and/or spreading the virus. We are also being urged to participate in “social distancing” to protect ourselves, and our communities. Are we having social distancing within our marriages? If we’re not careful, that just might happen.
When we experience setbacks, our most common response is our worst response; we want to withdraw, to build a wall around ourselves, to push people away. But that’s the last thing we should do. When setbacks leave your faith weak, you need other people to support you. You need your family to support you.
Ongoing stressors, such as Corona virus pandemic, a spouse’s ill health or a negative work environment are tough times that affect us all; they can pile on additional stress to your romantic relationship. Tough times can help a couple get closer, they should acknowledge the situation, turn towards each other for support and guidance, listen to each other more carefully, and show more curiosity about each other’s perspective, experience and take breaks from the difficult situation. They make time to have fun together. They pursue healthy distractions, such as watching funny movies. Healthy couples have a broader perspective and adopt an attitude of ‘this, too, shall pass’ and look at this situation as a small piece in the puzzle of their lives and long-term relationship while unhealthy couples either drown in the problems, leaving no time to bond and refuel, or they collude to avoid the issues by distancing.

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